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Wearables for Engineers: Gadgets That Make a Difference

Updated: Feb 4

In the dynamic world of engineering, staying ahead of technological advancements is not just about keeping pace; it's about enhancing productivity, safety, and innovation. Wearable technology, once a niche market for health and fitness enthusiasts, has expanded its horizon, offering groundbreaking tools for engineers. These gadgets are not mere extensions of digital convenience but pivotal instruments that can significantly impact an engineer's workday. Let's delve into some wearables that are making a tangible difference in the engineering field.

Smart Watches and Bands Beyond tracking steps and receiving notifications, smartwatches like the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch offer functionalities such as voice-to-text for quick note-taking, reminders for meetings, and the ability to control presentations remotely. For engineers on the go, these features ensure seamless workflow management and communication.

Smart Helmets In construction and manufacturing, safety and efficiency are paramount. Smart helmets, equipped with augmented reality (AR) displays, offer engineers and workers on-site real-time data, project overlays, and safety warnings. The DAQRI Smart Helmet, for example, integrates AR with the construction environment, enabling engineers to visualize blueprints and simulations overlaid on the actual work site.

Wearable Cameras For field engineers, documenting work accurately is crucial. Wearable cameras, such as the GoPro Hero series, can be mounted on helmets or chest harnesses, offering hands-free operation to record inspections or procedures. This footage becomes an invaluable resource for review, training, and compliance verification.

Smart Glasses Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 and Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses provide hands-free access to instructional content, video calling, and documentation. For engineers, having schematic diagrams or maintenance records in their field of view while working on equipment hands-free can drastically reduce downtime and improve accuracy.

Fitness Trackers While not exclusively for engineering applications, fitness trackers like the Fitbit Charge or Garmin Vivosmart series can play an essential role in stress management and overall health monitoring. Engineers often work long hours under stressful conditions; being mindful of physical health can enhance cognitive function and productivity.

Exoskeletons For engineers working in physically demanding environments, exoskeletons offer a glimpse into the future of wearable support devices. These wearable suits can augment human strength, reduce injury risk, and increase stamina by assisting with heavy lifting or repetitive motions. Companies like Ekso Bionics are leading the way in developing exoskeletons for industrial applications.

Environmental Sensors Wearable environmental sensors monitor exposure to hazardous conditions, such as harmful gases, noise levels, or extreme temperatures. Devices like the Blackline Safety G7c can automatically alert supervisors and emergency services if an engineer is in danger, ensuring swift response to potential hazards.

The integration of wearables into the engineering profession signifies a leap towards a more connected, efficient, and safe working environment. These gadgets, once perceived as luxury or supplementary, have become essential tools that bridge the gap between digital innovation and practical application. As wearable technology continues to evolve, its impact on engineering and beyond promises to redefine the boundaries of what's possible.

Stay smart, stay curious!

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Tohar Liani


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